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MELT releases a carefully selected choice of new World Music, Jazz and Acoustic recordings from Africa. It features names from the past; Madala Kunene, Bernard Mndaweni, Amampondo and Mabi Thobejane, and new exciting artists; Greg Georgiades, Ashish Joshi, L.A.P. (Live African Percussion), Syd Kitchen & Thongo African Band. MELT 2000 has a vast library of video recordings spanning more than a decade, and this is being transferred and edited for DVD release during the course of 2006/7.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Simpiwe Matole - Brass Kap van Langa

From the Amampondo: 25 Years of Skins DVD (MZADV 003) this is a beautiful track composed by Simpiwe Matole, of Amampondo fame, with simple percussion and two penny-whistles, played by Duke Norman & Luyanda Nbete.

Published by MELT 2000 Publishing. Go to Amampondo's site, or Peak Performances for bookings.


Max Lasser & Busi Mhlongo

The album Between (BW103) saw Swiss Max Lasser collaborate with Zulu Busi Mhlongo on Lua lua.

This extract is taken from the Busi Mhlongo Live Urbanzulu DVD soon to be released by MELT 2000.

Peak Performances for booking information.

Busi Mhlongo - Urbanzulu

This track Uganga Nge Ngane is from Busi's famed Urbanzulu (BW2118SA) album.

Busi was one of the first Zulu women to sing and transform Maskanda to reflect the modern society of her day.

Urbanzulu, released by MELT 2000, was produced by Will Mowat.

Peak Performances for more info

Amampondo - Drums for tomorrow

A recording from the Amampondo 25 Years of Skins DVD (MZADV 003) of a live performance of Drums for tomorrow by Amampondo at Spoleto Festival in Italy in 1997.

Composed by Mzwandile Qotoyi & Michael Nkululeko Ludonga and published by MELT 2000 Publishing.

Peak Performances for bookings, and further artist info see Amampondo's site.

Madala Kunene & Greg Hadijyorki Georgiades

Taken from the newly released Acoustic Africa DVD (MZADV 002) the track Martha Gotta Free features Madala Kunene, Greg Hadjiyorki Georgiades, Ashish Joshi and Ernest Mothle.

Live @ The Fort West Village Heritage & Cultural Festival in Tshwane West (Pretoria) South Africa on 22nd of October 2004.

Composed by Madala Kunene, published by MELT 2000 Publishing cc and for bookings contact Peak Performances.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

MELT enters the Blogworld

This first post is just to say that we are going to be adding lots of exciting and interesting information from the World of MELT - stay tuned for more.